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Manchester’s Media City is the host to the latest group of aspiring strategic leaders in sport who will be studying on VSI’s Masters in Sports Directorship validated by the Centre for Sport Business at the University of Salford.

The Master’s degree qualifies you for one of the most important roles in modern sport. Tailored to meet the real demands of leading sporting organisations. Covering sports leadership, personal development, masterminding innovation and change, sport governance and best practice along with a diverse range of extra curricular experiences.

This degree course provides unrivalled preparation for the role of Sport Director. Uniquely the course is underpinned by the skills of neuroscience – the science of performance. Already used to great effect in many sports, this degree course brings the power of neuroscience into the business arena too.

VSI staged the first three courses with an academic institute and, in moving the programme to Salford’s centre for sports business MSD founder, Tony Faulkner explained that: “An elite program needs an internationally iconic setting and Media City and the Centre for Sports Business fits the bill perfectly.
The structure of the programme is based on detailed research from VSI which revealed an appetite among franchises across a range of sports for a new generation of leaders capable of managing, massive financial growth with all the challenges such wealth placed on their traditional, creaking corporate infrastructures.

Sports organisations recognised the need for a Sporting Director, equipped to sit as a statutory board member and capable of shaping an organisation’s vision and philosophy while managing its sporting operations. Their challenge was the absence of an appropriately qualified talent pool.

The programme is designed to accommodate individuals who may have left the classroom as 16-year-olds but had enjoyed a life-time of extraordinary experience the like of which made them uniquely equipped for such a ground-breaking finishing school.

The course delivers a diverse range of knowledge including sports leadership, personal development, masterminding innovation and change, sport governance and best practice. All the formal skills needed to operate at the highest level of any corporate structure.

An extra ordinary group of master-class speakers exposes cohorts to owners, Chairman, Chief Executives from the world of sport, business and politics.

Working with VSI and the Centre for Sports Business represents the perfect chance for individuals with ambition to showcase and refine their talent at a location seen as synonymous with innovation and change.

Craig Levein, Lee Darnbrough, Darren Royle

Personal Leadership to Shape Inspire and Develop

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Leading a High Performing Sporting Organisation

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