We set out to create the sports industry leaders of tomorrow through the role of the Sporting Director.

We passionately believe that the Sporting Director is the way forward. A role at the heart of any sports organisation’s culture and structure. But we also accept that we need to equip people with the skills and competencies to deliver.
People who can develop a successful vision and strategy with the leadership skills to deliver for the long-term success of sports organisations

The Masters Degree in Sporting Directorship is the first of it’s kind designed to develop all the personal and commercial attributes you need to become a successful Sporting Director

Role of a Sporting Director:

The Sporting Director acts as a strategic lead for the sporting organisations long-term sustainable success. They will sit as the conduit between the commercial business of the sporting club and the on-pitch performance. Critical to the role of the Sporting Director are the skills and capabilities this person possesses in order for them to navigate their way to what is akin to running a business.

They will drive increased levels of performance and effectiveness throughout all areas of the organisations sporting operations. Working with the head coach, they will promote a strong understanding of how each department can build the foundations and best support and implement plans accordingly. They are commercially responsible to The Board and are best placed to act when either as part of the Board or with a direct report to The Board.

The role has many elements to it including:

  • As a figurehead
  • Influencer
  • Business Planner and Developer
  • Responsible for Change Leadership

“You can bumble along happily but if you want to take the next step and go to the next level, I believe this is the way forward”

Les Reed Exec Director Southampton FC