Mark Wotte Joins the MSD – read his Q&A

Mark Wotte Former Performance Director of Scottish FA joins the MSD

Q: Can you describe your career to date

A: Professional Player-PE Teacher-Youth Coach-AssistantCoach-Academy Director-International Head Coach-National Team Coach-Director of Football-Performance Director

Q: You’ve enrolled on the Masters in Sporting Directors course run through VSI at Manchester Metropolitan University. What’s your reason for this?

A: To improve my skills and competencies to be better equipped to act as a Sporting Director at the highest level in Football

 Q: The role of the Sporting Director is becoming more common across football. How do you feel it benefits clubs?

A: It will improve the overall process to achieve the maximum end product at a Football Club. In other words – better return on investment with results on and off the pitch.

Also ensuring a uniform approach and communication in the Football Department where Academy, Talent ID and Recruitment and First Team Management all work in line of the Philosophy and Strategy of the Club.

Improves liaison between the Workfloor and the Owner/Board

Q: The programme has representation across multiple sports not just football. This must offer a rich learning experience

A: I expect a lot of knowledge sharing amongst the participants where all can learn from each others specific experienced in top class sport

 Q: In your experience what the difference between how clubs are organised in the UK and in Holland?

A: There is no private club ownership in Holland, most Clubs are run like companies in a more corporate way with separate departments.

The Director of Football is already for decades accepted and in place in all Professional Clubs now even on a part time basis at the Lower Leagues.

He is the spider in the web of the Football Department line managing and supporting the Head Coach, Academy Director and the Director of TIDR.

The Head Coach is responsible for all First Team Coaching, improving his Players and Team to achieve maximum results and entertain the fans.

I’m not sure that all UK Clubs recognise the value of the Sporting Director. Some still prefer to leave managing of all football matters to ‘The Gaffer’ which is a massive job and could be very risky to the Club if/when he leaves.